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   HAB'S likes to see his product used just like any other manufacturer. Two years ago he started to reward the angler that catches the largest striped bass on one of his plugs. The reward is a custom made, hand-turned, three-foot long HAB'S Needle Plug for the angler to keep!

   In 2002, "Iron" Mike Everin of Newport, Rhode Island, caught a 51.5 pound monster in one of his local holes to become the 2002 HAB'S Angler of the year. He caught that fish on a HAB'S black, 3.5 ounce Needle Plug. Well, to top that, last summer "Iron" Mike caught a 60 pounder! Wow! This fish was taken on a HAB'S 3.5 ounce Needle Plug. This fish earned him the 2003 HAB'S Angler of the Year Award. Now, Mike is no large guy. At 5' 2", the striper looks like it's almost 75 pounds! Are you noticing a trend here?

Iron Mike's 60 - 24 kb    "Iron" Mike, as he is commonly known, has been fishing for striped bass over 35 years. Originally from Connecticut, Mike moved to Newport 10 years ago to be that much closer to the ocean he loves and that much closer to the fish he desires. A very accomplished angler indeed, "Iron" Mike has a 63.5, 55, 51, and now this 60 pound striper to his credit. Not too bad at all. "Iron" Mike is a common visitor to The Saltwater Edge in Newport. He personally has tried to make "The Edge" into more of a surfcasting tackle shop, by widing their selection of surfcasting tackle, in addition to their well known heritage as a fly fishing shop. Although, still one of the best fly shops in the region, The Edge has opened itself to many of "Iron" Mike suggestions by adding HAB'S Plugs, Tattoo's Tackle Plugs, custom rods, real tin squids, Bombers, Wild-eye shads, Van Staal reels, and other unique surfcasting tackle.

   Do you want to be the next HAB'S Angler of the Year? Well, go put a HAB'S Plug on and this could be you next year.

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